Seasonal Program for Equestrians

We provide flexible scheduling and comprehensive tutor-teacher communication in order to ensure a smooth transition back to a student's home school following his/her stay in Wellington for the Winter Equestrian Festival.  Our seasonal students will work cooperatively in a small group setting and our tutorials will mirror the student's school program.  They will have fun meeting new friends that share a similar lifestyle, without the stress of falling behind in school!

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Seasonal Study Hall

Our Seasonal Study Hall program provides a quiet retreat off the showgrounds for students to complete school work or just catch their breath.  Our certified teachers are available to help if academic support is needed.  

Summer Academic Camp


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Diagnostic Tutoring Program

Our Diagnostic Tutoring Program is designed to close the learning gaps in the student's education and build self-confidence.  We will begin with an in-depth interview that will help us pair the student with the proper tutor.  The student will complete a basic math and reading assessment, which will help us understand his/her strengths and weaknesses, as well as learning style.  We will then be able to establish the student's baseline academic level and build a customized and individualized academic program with progress monitoring.  The parent will receive weekly tutor reports and will meet with the Director of Academics each quarter to discuss the student's progress.

Test Preparation

Our specially trained elementary test-prep tutors will ensure your child is ready and confident to tackle any exam. Students will learn test-taking strategies, take practice exams, and learn how to use their time efficiently.

Full-Time Academic Programs

We partner with various online Distance Learning Programs and our tutors will facilitate learning at the student's own pace.  These programs are designed for students who need a more flexible schedule than what is offered in a traditional school.   

Homeschool and Distance Learning Facilitators

Are you slightly intimidated by the whole process of homeschooling or using a distance learning/virtual school to educate your child? OMA can help guide you through any step of transitioning your child into these non-traditional education models.  We can help you customize your child's program to work seamlessly within your family so as to help your child be as happy and productive as possible in his/her academic life.

After-School Homework Help

Our tutors help your child complete his/her homework and reaffirm his/her knowledge on the subject matter.  If there is a topic on his/her homework that needs more instruction, our tutors will break down the material until the student is confident to complete his/her assignment independently.  

Computer Coding and Language Instruction

We offer age-appropriate, one-on-one, computer programming lessons.  For our beginners, we use Scratch and Scratch Jr., two software packages developed for elementary students by MIT.  For those students who are ready to begin writing code, however, we offer tutorials in HTML (web design), Javascript and Objective C/Swift (iPhone & iPad development).  We customize our individual coding tutorials to meet and challenge the skill sets of our students.

We also offer individual and group language instruction.  Students work with a native speaker to either introduce or enhance their language skills.  We currently offer instruction in Spanish, French, and German, and we are expanding this list!

Psychoeducational Evaluations by an on-site Licensed School Psychologist

As part of our whole-child approach to learning we also offer diagnostic psychoeducational evaluations conducted by Jennifer Valentine, a licensed and nationally certified school psychologist.

Psychoeducational evaluations can address the following areas:

  • Accommodations for standardized testing (i.e. SAT/ACT) and/or college coursework

  • Attention deficit disorders

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • General developmental concerns

  • Gifted consideration

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Processing concerns (auditory, memory, visual-spatial, visual-motor, processing speed)

  • Specific learning disorders

Parent conferences are completed at the end of each evaluation to review the results and recommendations.

For more information regarding scheduling, prices, and individualized evaluations please contact Jennifer at 561-429-5791 or