Check Out Photos of Our Fully Redesigned Academy!

Open Minds Academy is an elite education facility that tailors to the unique needs of the Wellington equine riding population.

 OMA concentrates exclusively on students that have come to Wellington for Season either because of their involvement with the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) or that of their families.  For those enrolled in traditional schools back home, we work intimately to coordinate with their schools' teachers and administrators so as to mirror their classmates' routines and curriculums.  For students who require online distance learning programs, we develop academic plans that facilitate close relationships between tutors and students while maintaining the flexibility of remote learning.  At OMA, we customize each child's academics within a school-like, social environment that is perfect for young students.  By attending to every component of our students' academic lives,  we eliminate any concern over lessons lost or assignments missed.  We uphold the highest quality of education while engaging young minds in an exciting, fun-filled, and individualized atmosphere.